DIY: Glitter ombre revamp for your Vans oldies


You’ll need:

– Lots of friggin glitter. I did mine with a few shades of blue I got from Jumbo and some silver from M Art.

– Different size brushes.

– C200 glue. Now, this doesn’t work on all fabrics, so make sure you try it on a separate piece of similar fabric before you go ahead and ruin your Vans. I mean, come on, that’s the last thing we want now, isn’t it. If it ends up not working, you’ll need fabric glue.



Think about how you want your ombre to look on the shoe, where exactly you want to put every color and how big its area will be. Apply glue, but not on the entire shoe at once- it dries off way too fast. Start off from the tip, then sprinkle the darkest glitter color. Repeat this for every color area until the shoe gets its complete bling.

Glue, then sprinkle is all you need to do!


If you’re worried the glitter might fall off way too fast, just put some hairspray on to seal it. voilaIMG_2837